Val Moker grew up on a farm and sought every occasion after the work was done, to take solitary walks and seize the ravishing beauty of nature. Weekly trips to the city would allow her a break away from the toils of the country, granting her the privilege of observing people in a variety of settings, and imagining the different backgrounds and cultures that brought these common folk to today’s place. This longing to explore humanity continues to stimulate her creative palette. The force that drives Val is her need to have these split second emotions of the moment put onto canvas, and made indelible.Val’s creative ability has been influenced by the Impressionist Painters who have preceded her. Of these, Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh were her favorites. Her creative inspiration has come from other artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, Andrew Wyeth, Johannes Vermeer, Howard Terpning, and Norman Rockwell.Oil offers Moker the freedom to grasp fervent details with the spontaneity of watercolor, yet gives her color that is steady and intense. Layering colors allows Val to reveal the inner emotion buried beneath the surface, while the contrasting color underneath can intensify the passion. The unifying element, which gives shape to the subjects of Val’s paintings, comes from her fascination with texture.As an artist, it is deeply satisfying for Val when her work connects the memorable experiences and meetings of her life, to viewers, whose attention is captured as they wander down a path in their memory.


“Shimmering Dusk”
Oil on Stainless Steel
36″ X 24″

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