My Journey to a Professional Art Career

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Looking back over my artistic influencers

I’ve learned to become in tune to the external and internal stimulations in and around me. I realize that I am drawn to specific influencers in my life. These individuals inspire my creations by providing their unique perspective, thus taking an advisory role in my life, and helping to guide and support me on my journey as a professional artist.

One example of an individual who has been, and remains a profound influence in my life, is Lynda Baxter.

In my early years as an emerging artist

I would travel with my family, showing my work across the western Canadian provinces. I was always attracted to show my work at the Spruce Meadows, an art show that ran in conjunction with the national and international equine competitions at their amazing facility in Calgary. Horse lovers, cowboys and art fanatics alike would attend the exhibits at Spruce Meadows, and it is here that my life intersected with Lynda’s.

As we talked, I felt a calming sense of comfort and very quickly felt a deeper connection with her. She entered my life at the precise time I was searching for someone to help me take my art to the next level. Is it a new website that could help me get there? Yes, I felt that is was. So I followed Lynda’s guidance in providing me with her creative, website expertise.

As I absorbed Lynda’s kind and sincere demeanor and learned of her intent to provide website creation, expertise and support to emerging and professional artists alike, I felt even more drawn to her and took comfort in knowing that she would fulfill an advisory role in my life. I decided Lynda would be at the helm of the design of my new website, and partner with me to support my aspirations in becoming a professional artist.

What began as a business partnership with Lynda, evolved into a friendship that grew to encompass our families, as we remain close to this day.

Taking my professional art career to the next level

As I aim to take my professional art career to the next level, my thoughts turn to the factors and people who could enable my vision, and it was not a recent chance conversation with Lynda, that honed my focus. The Universe brings us together and takes care of those in need of guidance. My artistic strategy needs re-creation and I take comfort in knowing that Lynda’s expertise in website creation, design and support will be the foundation for the next phase of my journey as an artist. With her unique skill set and with her encouragement moving forward, Lynda continues to guide my artistic vision through implementation.

Challenges we face in the business side of art

I’ve experienced that there are many unexpected turns and ongoing challenges in my art business. As an artist, we learn to take critique with the intent to which it is offered, but I also welcome suggestions from my artistic “advisors” who offer insight and guidance in growing my art business. Lynda is one of my advisors and guardians. Her honesty, patience and sincerity, complemented with her kind smile, guides her intentions of putting others first, and that helps drive by vision as a professional artist.

Thus the lesson I’ve learned from my friend, Lynda Baxter.

As I launch my new website, I dedicate my very first blog post to Lynda Baxter. She and Margot at Chix Design, specialize in building websites and providing support to artists. Discover more about how these ladies at Chix define “design” by creating something truly unique, that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes!

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