Val Moker is most proud of her portrayal of the Saskatchewan Cowboy through her “One for Each Day of the Week” epic series. This succession of seven original acrylic paintings, each measuring 40” X 30”, depicts the Life of the Cowboy, from the young “Monday Cowboy” with his fresh face all aglow, through the week, to the weathered and worn “Sunday Cowboy” whose hair has turned to snow.

The research that went into completing this peerless epic series has led Val to gain a true appreciation of the character of the Cowboy.  It has introduced her to a handful of Saskatchewan cowboys who she has come to respect and admire.

Moker’s “One for Each Day of the Week” series has found a home at the the Shurniak Art Gallery in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan.  In the meantime, enjoy Val’s depiction by viewing the images in her Cowboy Series.

Wednesday Cowboy

Wednesday Cowboy

He had that bronc all figured out.
You can read it in his face.
Til that outlaw planted four feet solid
Then blew up for outer space.

But his saddle turned to tissue
And his right foot, it just flung free.
Bronc snapped its head down ‘tween its legs
Then cut back for Tennessee.

By Cowboy Poet, Jesse Colt

After completing this epic, something seemed to be missing. Val believes there is no such thing as a chance meeting, so it was not fortuitous that she met Cowboy Poet, Jesse Colt. After reading his “Cowboy Self Taught”, she knew that together, they could pay true homage to the cowboy lifestyle by complementing her series with Jesse’s cowboy poetry. The cowboy traditions, values and way of life have always appealed to Jesse, as they have charmed Moker. Together, it is with great respect and admiration that they proudly present, SHORT POEMS ~ TALL COWBOYS, their tribute to the man who is true to himself, ‘The Cowboy’.


This self-published, limited series collector’s edition art/poetry book is a tangible representation of the essence of the cowboy. SHORT POEMS ~ TALL COWBOYS is limited to 3,500 copies (signed and numbered) and features the seven fine art images from Val’s “One for Each Day of the Week” series. Each image is inlayed on acid free art paper and is accompanied with poetry by renowned cowboy poet, Jesse Colt.

In 2005, SHORT POEMS ~ TALL COWBOYS was recognized by the Academy of Western Artists in Texas, through the receipt of a Will Rogers Medallion Award. The Medallion Award recognizes outstanding achievement in the publishing of cowboy poetry, exemplifying a combination of excellent cowboy poetry, high production values and respect for the Cowboy Heritage the award was created to acknowledge.